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1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9


Material: USP Type 1, Class A, 33 Borosilicate Glass Volume: 2ml (standard volume) 1.5ml(actual volume) Application: HPLC and GC system Dimensions: 11.6 x 32mm Neck Diameter: 9mm Qty/Pack: 100pcs/pack Payment: T/T MOQ: 1pack
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网页For more than 50 years, we've been partnering closely with the scientific community to

Gilson 322 HPLC Pump | eBay

网页ID# 34408 Gilson 322 HPLC Pump - This pump powers on and we can hear the pump engage. We do not have the capability to test it any further. It is missing the front plastic door. "The sale of this item may be subject to regulation

Gilson 305 HPLC Piston Pump - Price, Specs

网页VIEW LIVE. This Gilson 305 HPLC Piston Pump is used and in excellent condition. This unit ships with a 200WTi, titanium pump head. 200WTi Configuration: • Flow Rate: 1.000 mL/min - 200 mL/min. • Pressure Range: 72.5 - 508 psi (5 - 35 bar) Important Notice: Other accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc. are not included

Gilson | Laboratory Systems

网页SKU: 2614007. This ASPEC® system provides the ultimate in versatility by combining

Refurbished 8-channel Gilson 215 liquid handler,


网页Aijiren、waters、beckman、varian、shimadzu、dionex、finnigen、gilson、lkb、thermo用のhpバイアルのppキャップ , Find Complete Details about Aijiren、waters、beckman、varian、shimadzu、dionex、finnigen、gilson、lkb、thermo用のhpバイアルのppキャップ,Hplcキャップ,Hplc閉鎖,Ppキャップ from Other Lab Supplies Supplier or Manufacturer

30X HPLC Pumps

网页Together with manometric modules and dynamic mixers, the 305 and 306 Pumps provide a cost-effective, dependable pumping solution for analytical to preparative HPLC. Interchangeable pump heads accommodate flow rates ranging

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Gilson 305 HPLC Pump Model 146562 Lab

网页Description. This Gilson 305 HPLC Pump Model 146562 was removed from a university lab where it was surplus to requirements. The unit powers up but has not been tested further. It is in reasonable cosmetic condition with marks from use and age.

Gilson 307 HPLC Piston Pump - Price, Specs

网页Chromatography / HPLC Manufacturers Gilson 307 - Price and Info Gilson 307 HPLC Piston Pump Stock # 53393-1 Add to Cart Click here to sell your equipment! More Information DESCRIPTION Overview Manuals SPECIFICATIONS VIEW LIVE This unit has a 5SC, stainless steel pump head with a flow rate of 0.01 mL/min - 5 mL/min.

331/332 HPLC输液泵

网页Gilson 331/332 输液泵采用双柱塞杆技术,搭配多溶剂切换功能,是经济可靠的制备色谱系输液泵。 331/332输液泵是正相和反相制备应用理想选择。 331/332输液泵提供多溶剂选择,可选配四溶剂切换阀,最多可允许八种溶剂切换。 系统内置可调体积的动态混合器,帮助优化梯度性能。 331/332输液泵-满足半制备级HPLC的输液泵方案 331/332输液泵流速范

GILSON制备HPLC技术 - 豆丁网

网页2014/12/16 · GILSON制备HPLC技术 - 豆丁网 GILSON制备HPLC技术 制备柱进样装置检测器馏分收集器在分析型HPLC中,主要考虑的是分离度,并且要求信噪比小、检测下限低,以取得可靠的分析数据。 制备HPLC所关注的是:纯度(分离效果好)数量(制备量足够)时间(分离速度快)成本(花费低)在产品纯度达到要求后,为节约投入,提高效益,制备所

806 Manometric, 0-50 ml/min, 4600 PSI

网页Les modules manométriques Gilson sont utilisés avec les systèmes de pompage à piston 305/306 de Gilson. Un seul module manométrique est nécessaire dans chaque système pour assurer un fonctionnement san

GILSONPreparative HPLC System 制备液相色谱

网页型号: Preparative HPLC System 产地: 美国 样本: 暂无 品牌: GILSON 产地类别: 进口 采集频率: 50 Hz 基线噪声: ±0.75 × 10-5 AU (254 nm) 波长重现性: ± 2.0 nm (159 UV-VIS Detector) 波长范围: 0.4 nm (ASTM E1657-98) 最大耐压: 60 Mpa(不同型号的最高耐压请咨询) 流量重现性: RSD<0.5% 流量精度: RSD<±1% 流速范围:

公益社団法人 日本分析化学会 分析士会 分析士の声 No.013

网页北海道立工業技術センター 青木 央 大学の研究室でHPLCなるものをはじめてみたのは1984年のM1のころでした。 LKBというメーカの紺色の基調色のボディーで、結構高価な機械らしいというので、先輩が使っていましたが、私はむしろ超遠心機で仕事をしているという日々でした。 筋タンパク質の分析をしていました。 このころでしょうか、ファルマ

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