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1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9
1.5ml 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials ND9

Sigma amber 2 ml lab vials with inserts supplier

Material: USP Type 1, Class A, 33 Borosilicate Glass Volume: 2ml (standard volume) 1.5ml(actual volume) Application: HPLC and GC system Dimensions: 11.6 x 32mm Neck Diameter: 9mm Qty/Pack: 100pcs/pack Payment: T/T MOQ: 1pack
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Microcentrifuge Tubes | Thermo Fisher Scientific - US

Whether you're preparing, transferring or storing samples, these multipurpose microcentrifuge tubes and caps can be used with confidence. Choose from a selection of tubes and caps that will suit your application.

Limited Volume Low Volume Insert Suit for Screw Cap Vial

29*5.7mm Low Volume Insert Suit for 9-425 Vial Sigma Volume-Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC. Snap Top 2ml HPLC Vials can accommodate 250uL Micro-inserts,The specifications of Micro-insert are 29*5.7mm, 31*5.7mm, and 31*6mm.

Vials 2 ml | Sigma-Aldrich

removable center, 13 mm, diam. × opening 13 mm × 6.4 mm, for use with 2 mL - 2.5 mL standard opening crimp top vials, pkg of 100 ea Pricing Match Criteria : Keyword, Product Name

Vials, Racks, Holders, and Lyophilization Containers

This rugged polypropylene rack holds 48 vials, size 1 dram (15 x 45 mm), or 4 ml tissue culture vials, or 2 ml serum vials in 4 x 12 configuration with alpha-numeric indexing. The rack is constructed from chemically resistant, autoclavable (121°C for 20 minutes) polypropylene and features corner posts to assure stability when stacking empty.

Free sample 2ml HPLC vial insert conical for hplc vials

Amber 9mm HPLC Vials with Insert--Lab Vials Manufacturer2ml Amber Screw HPLC Vials, caps, septa, and inserts working as a whole to prevent sample degradation and loss of samples c

The Lab Depot | Laboratory Equipment, Lab Supplies, Science

MTC Bio BowTie Biohazard Bags and Bin. Starting at $69.90. View Details. Dynalon Boston Round Media Bottles. Starting at $121.78. View Details. Despatch LBB Forced Convection Oven. Starting at $4,330.00. View Details.

Type I Borosilicate Glass Chemical Bottles and Jars

Lab Supplies 30 mL (2) 50 mL (3) 60 mL (2) 100 mL (7) 125 mL (10) ... Amber bottles help to protect contents from UV rays and are ideal for light-sensitive ...

2 ml polypropylene vials | Sigma-Aldrich

29119-U. volume 2 mL, amber glass vial, thread for 10-425, black polypropylene cap, PTFE/silicone septa, pkg of × 100 ea. Pricing. See All (6) Match Criteria: Product Name, Keyword. Vials, 2 mL crimp top, clear glass, 12 x 32 mm. Vials, 2 mL crimp top, clear glass, 12 x 32 mm. Product Number.

Lab Equipment and Lab Supplies | Fisher Scientific

MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep-24™ 5G Instrument. Epredia™ AlcoSCRUB™ Instant Antiseptic Hand Cleanser Squeeze Bottle. Ethyl Alcohol Non UV, MilliporeSigma™. MilliporeSigma™ Supelco™ BIOshell™ IgG C18 HPLC Column, 1,000 Å, 2.7 μm Particle Size. Honeywell Uvex™ Fog Eliminator Plus Cloths.

Common use vial septa Sigma-Aijiren HPLC Vials Septa

Sigma 2ml vials with caps in amber for HPLC sampling VOA Vials - Open Top Closures and Septum Generally used for volatile organic compound analysis and sample storage, our 20mL, 40mL, and 60mL VOA vials are available in clear or amber borosilicate glass with a choice of .125" or .100" PTFE/Silicone septa.

Analytical Vials - Sigma-Aldrich

Analytical Vials. Vials play a significant role in analytical analysis and result reproducibility. Vials must be inert and free of extractables or leachables to prevent affecting results. Using certified, application-specific, contaminant-free vials can significantly reduce risk. We offer a broad spectrum of Supelco ® products including

Standard Opening hplc vial inserts conical for hplc vials Sigma

Standard Opening 2ml vials insert conical supplier China Standard Opening 2ml vials insert conical supplier China. Application: Suitable for 8-425, 9mm, 10-425, 11mm snap vials Ma

Amber Glass Bottle at Thomas Scientific - Lab Supplies, Lab

Boston Round Amber Glass Bottles. I-Chem. Boston Round Amber Type III Glass Bottles feature caps for the 125 and 250 mL sizes that are ultrasonically bonded with a 0.125” PTFE-lined, silicone liner. Caps for the 500 and 1000 mL sizes are equipped with a friction-fit PTFE liner which can easily be replaced if necessary. Bottles have a.

SKS Bottle & Packaging - Amber Glass Bottles

Select amber glass bottles from small Euro dropper bottles to gallon jugs with a variety of closure options for your applications. These deeply colored glass bottles offer UV protection packaging providing many useful features explained more in detail within our UV resistant container product spotlight.

11mm vial septa with PP caps Sigma-Aijiren HPLC Vials Septa

Thermo Fisher amber 2 ml lab vials with label for HPLC Thermo Scientific 11mm Amber Glass Crimp/Snap Top Vials Amber For use with snap caps or aluminum crimp seal closures, these high-quality 11mm amber glass vials are 2mL, 12x32mm and fit most brands of autosamplers.

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